Vocational Training in India by Sabalbharat Non Profit Organization


Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Sabalbharat is a non-profit organization which provides skilled training and education to Indian youth. By partnering with several organizations, Sabalbharat also gets support from educational institutions, colleges and training providers to develop students. If you are in search for free education with hostel facility and scholarship as a student, check out Sabalbharat scholarship program.

Started by Late Govind Singh Gurjar Trust in India, Sabalbharat is aimed to make Indian youth enabled, strong, well-educated and equipped with prosperity. The organization provides education with scholarship, training to athletes and employment to skilled individuals. Whether you are a student in search of higher education or scholarship for higher studies, a skilled person searching for job opportunities, training for skill development, education, sports, employment, vocational training, and entrepreneurship in India, you can rely on Sabalbharat. Join Sabalbharat program for volunteer work.

Vocational Training in India by Sabalbharat

Vocational training is provided to help students prepare for certain craft or trade. It has been used for decades to refer completely on the fields like automotive and welding services. Today, it has been extended from hand trades to tourism and retail management. Vocational training is a type of education which is based only in specific type of trade a person likes to pursue along with traditional academics.

With the help of vocational training, students can prepare for specific careers. Some of the high schools provide postsecondary vocational training. Prospective students can easily go with standalone courses, diploma/certificate programs, apprenticeships, and associate’s degree programs.

Also known as Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Vocational Education & Training VET), vocational training is known to provide only career-oriented technical training to serve in the trades. Generally, these programs are based on students with practical instructions and it may lead to a diploma, certification or certificate. Students may easily prepare for the jobs like plumbing, auto repair, and retail industry.

Vocational training can also provide an edge to the applicants in job searches as they have certifiable knowledge already to join the venture. They can achieve vocational training either in school, a college or at trade schools. 

In Schools
Some types of vocational trainings are offered as CTE programs, which consist of different work experiences and courses along with academic study designed to introduce students to different trades, such as –
·         Business
·         Construction
·         Arts & Design
·         Health Services
·         Information Technology
·         Agriculture

This type of training is offered at individual vocational training centers or high school campuses. The only aim of these programs is to help students to prepare for their career field and to complete their education.

After Schooling
Technical institutions and colleges also provide different vocational programs and courses. In such programs, special classes are provided to the students based on the job they are seeking training for. Technical institutions and colleges also provide different types vocational training programs and courses. Currently Sabalbharat is offering specific classes in these programs in cooperative training forms where students learn to work in the job they are learning for while attending classes.